Acrylic glass

The same material can be . Acrylic sheet is also known as plexiglass or plexi. Up to of visible light is transmitted through acrylic. This is especially relevant, when comparing load bearing transparent materials.

These windows are mostly several centimeters . Find the textures, colors and sizes you need for any project.

Perfect and clear, using as an oil paint palette. Hope that helps those worried about the colour. It can be used in a frame no problem. And for budding artists who need a palette, this is . Uniting incredible strength with aesthetic beauty. Polymethyl Methacrylate acrylic , or PMMA, is one of the more widely used forms of acrylic due to its exceptional weatherability, strength, clarity and versatility.

There are a variety of acrylic polymer . Your photo on acrylic glass – with high resolution and sharpness. Cast acrylic sheet with high transparency, easy processing characteristics.

Can be used for a variety of industries. Supply all kinds of thicknesses. Relive your fondest memories as a sharp image on acrylic in bright colours. This look is achieved through a professional colour printing that allows the finest colour differences and the best resolutions to shine through. We carefully laminate your digital photo print onto the crystal clear plastic glass.

Thanks to the acrylic glass your photo print will be 1 water and weatherproof. We make sure that your acrylic print is safely packaged and delivered to you in no time. OPTIX acrylic sheet is a lightweight, impact resistant, transparent material that is a great replacement for glass in many applications. Its higher impact strength and glass-like clarity, make it ideal for applications such as garage door windows, storm windows, and a variety of other glazing needs.

Other uses include hobby and . Broken glass is an extremely hazardous material, which . PALGLAS offers unsurpassed light transmission, matching that of glass while weighing half. Inherently UV resistant, PALGLAS is the ultimate choice in high traffic acoustic barriers, resisting gasses emitted from vehicles. PALGLAS has high clarity and formability that opens a world of design options for designers, from small . Protect your artwork with custom, scratch resistant glass and acrylic for picture frames, cut to size and available in UV filter and non-glare. Optimum and tear free edges to high gloss quality with Leitz GlossCut- Technology. Additionally cast acrylic has offers good scratch resistance and can be polished.

Get the best deal for professional acrylic photo prints.


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