Glass look perspex sheet

Glass Look Acrylic has a green tint to give a glass effect, cut to size in various thicknesses from GJ Plastics. Glass Look cast acrylic sheet has a slight green tint to its edges imitating real glass. Benefit from the look of real glass with the low cost and high performance of acrylic. A low weight, almost shatterproof alternative to glass , cut to size or shape. Also aluminium composite, PVC Foam, Polycarbonate.

Choose thickness from 3mm, 5mm and 10mm.

Plastic Stockist offers an excellent selection of glass look perspex , or perspex glass , only half the weight of glass and less of the breakage problems. View our prices and buy online today! Clear glass effect acrylic has a recognisable green tint when viewed through the edge to mimic glass. Sheets will allow light to pass through clearly.

And our colour laboratory is able to create a match quite literally to any shade in the spectrum from transparent, translucent to opaque colours. Use our sheet plastic calculator for an instant quotation. Available in a wide range of light transmissions, sheet sizes and thicknesses.

Green tint, glass – look colour at its strongest in the edge of the sheet.

Five times the impact strength of glass so it achieves the look with a significantly lower risk of breakages. Perspex colour ref 6T21. Manufactured using 1 virgin Methyl . Ideal for Point of p Purchase Signage, Furniture , Models and Display Cases, Glazing, Thermoforming and Fabrication.

Cast acrylic sheet with high transparency, easy processing characteristics. Acrylic sheets are available in many colours, tints and surface textures such as frost or non reflective. Glass look acrylic can be used in any application that requires the look of glass with the strength and versatility of acrylic sheet. Our clear extruded acrylic sheets here at The Plastic People offer near perfect optical clarity and make for great alternatives to glass. If you are looking for material suitable for this purpose please take a look at our specific Furniture Protectors page here.

Unsurpassed outdoor weathering. Clear sheet optical clarity better than that of glass. Extensive choice of transparent, translucent and . OPTIX Clear Acrylic Sheet Glass Replacement is a great glass replacement for garage door windows, storm windows and other glazing needs.

But, depend on waste generate desire for full coverage, look , etc. The more critical the cut, the more I go . Zaktag Acrylic Sheet Plexi Glass Transparent: Amazon. Shelves made from acrylic sheet will stand the test of time better than plywood or glass.

Plastics such as acrylic plexiglass sheet take less energy and money to produce, are lighter than glass so their transportation and shipping costs are lower as well. Once you take a look at all of the benefits acrylic sheeting has over traditional glass for window applications, it makes sense that manufacturers have been . This color can be used to create a simulated glass look. Also known as glass green, this sheet allows light to pass through with minimal change in color and no diffusion. Objects can be seen clearly on the other side.

Great for many creative projects. Like all acrylics, this sheet can be easily cut, formed and fabricat. It offers all the aesthetics without the risk of breakages.


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