Solatube smart led

This innovative system unites advanced LED technology with state-of-the-art daylighting, so you get energy-efficient lighting that is cost-effective and eco-friendly. They system delivers bright, natural light . For projects requiring maximum energy efficiency in an integrated design, we also manufacture a hybrid option that combines advanced Light Emitting Diodes ( LEDs) with our proven daylighting technology. Solatube International, Inc.

The only downside is that it goes down each night, forcing occupants to turn on electric lights to see after dark.

Unlimited sunlight illuminates rooms by day while long lasting LEDs provide radiant light at night. They can just enjoy reliable and consistent lighting for years . EDCS ( Effective Daylight Capture Surface) represents the surface area of the dome that collects and redirects sunlight. For comparison, a clear dome with no lens on a. Delivering balanced light, day or night.

A Daylight Sensor continually monitors light levels within the tube and activates . Not only do we love the warm feeling, but it actually helps us process vitamin D and boosts our mood.

Unfortunately, most of us spend the majority of our lives indoors. JustFrost Decorative Fixture, ad $58. TierDrop Decorative Fixture, ad $76. OptiviewDecorative Fixture, ad $92. SMART LED Occupancy Sensor, $65.

Learn the differences between Smart LED primary and secondary unit to pick out the best unit for your home or office! Find Tubular Daylighting Systems, decorative fixtures. According to the manufacturer, this saves up to on energy costs. LEDs and daylighting unite to create the most energy efficient lighting for your home ever.

Designed to light spaces up to 2sq. Smart LED System works best in small- to mid-sized spaces like hallways, bathrooms, kitchens and closets. We have over years experience installing Skylights. Use them in multiples for a dramatic effect in larger areas.

And now, they can earn you tax credits on your federal tax return too. Starting at the roof level, patented dome technology captures daylight and transmits it indoors .

Make your system smarter with the . Enjoy nightlight on- demand and. The most energy efficient lighting for your home. Innovation in Daylighting.

Now you can get the credit you deserve for making smart , energy-wise decisions.


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