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For certain markets, like rural markets where the reach of mass media like print or television is limite BTL marketing with direct consumer outreach programmes do make the most sense. Says Raghu Khanna, CEO, CASHurDRIVE, “When budget is issue and the brand wants to have a consumer connect . Below-the-line advertising is an advertising strategy in which a product is promoted in mediums other than radio, television, billboards, print and film. Types of below-the-line advertising commonly include direct mail campaigns, trade shows and catalogs, and targeted search engine marketing. This advertising type tends to .

And surprisingly, there exists a hypothetical line to differentiate between the kind of marketing one indulges into. Lets take a look… Companies . Below the line marketing generally refers to marketing practices making use of forms of promotion that do not involve the use of mass media. With consumption trends shifting constantly, marketers needed to find ways to address these changing demands. Through the Line (TTL) marketing activities help marketers use an . Above the line marketing is expensive.

BTL refers to a series of marketing techniques known collectively as below-the- line marketing.

Above-the-line marketing refers to advertising in media such as print, cinema, radio, . Deciding on where to allocate your marketing budget? Consider how above-the- line and below-the-line marketing works, and which is better for your business. Brand-oriented advertising was once a key driver of consumer behavior…today however marketers are increasingly honing in on the benefits offered by BTL marketing such as increased consumer engagement, interactivity and measurability. When you use direct methods, you can forsake agencies and intermediaries and become . The line is becoming more and more blurred as marketers . It is evident that society turns to technology as its primary source of information and many companies have already begun to utilize the mass media methods of communication. BTL promotions target individuals based on their needs or preferences and can lead directly to sales.

The can be easily measured providing valuable data to estimate return-on-investment. Mexican pesos and it has been projected that it would reach 54. I always thought that The Line meant profitability. However, when I read the and was. Through our innovative, intelligent, engaging Digital Marketing strategies we ensure you: Increase online visibility.

Generate more sales-ready leads. Peel away costs from your marketing processes. Transform lead-to-revenue ratio.

Show a significant ROI on your marketing. Amuse Concept Events: We enhance your below the line marketing campaigns by uncovering insights that influence brand choice of people and retailers. Explore Btl Marketing Openings in your desired locations Now!


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