Apollo solar shingles

Apollo II also functions as your roof, generating clean power while protecting your home from water intrusion. Be sure to review the relevant. Both options provide the same power production – solar cells for a total of watts.

There is a hot, new trend: BIPV solar shingle roofs. Basically, you replace traditional shingles with building integrated photovoltaic solar shingles that comprise the roof and convert solar energy to electricity. Architects, designers and builders have already been using some form of solar shingles form Apollo.

Consumer Reports takes a look at. The Apollo II products produce W per shingle and are wind-resistant and water-tight. The installation methods for some solar shingle solutions can be easier than traditional panel installations because. Its slim profile provides a clean integrated look that a rack mounted system cannot match. Apollo II modules have achieved a Class A fire rating when installed in accordance with the installation manual.

Smaller manufacturers like Rochester Hills, MI–based Luma Resources offer options on solar shingles. W solar panels BIPV BIPV054- T16 . Apollo II Solar Roofing – Radiant energy, brilliant looks in our highest producing solar shingle. Installing solar panels takes longer and is more technical.

Their product line is called Apollo. There are many solar panel manufacturers and . Solar roof shingles blend well with standard asphalt shingles and make for an aesthetically pleasing solar energy roof system. Saint-Gobain makes roof- integrated solar shingles and tiles called Apollo II.

Generate a Solar Permit Package for a design using Certainteed Apollo II-( 60W). NOT attempt to cut or modify the PV Shingle. Top quality solar panel tiles installed by a reputable North New Jersey Roofing Contractor.

Apollo solar shingles are subtly integrated with flat, concrete tile. Apollo II solar shingles are installed directly into the roof sheathing using standard deck screws. They are small enough to remain undetected from the curbside, but powerful enough to provide significant savings on electric bills.

These state-of-the-art shingles use polycrystalline silicon solar cells to capture and convert more energy per square foot than . San Antonio Solar Roofing Contractor Radiant energy. Apollo Solar Roofing System is the pinnacle of energy production, using polycrystalline silicon solar cells to capture and convert more solar energy per square foot than any . CertainTeed Apollo Solar Roofing is the highest producing solar shingle. Apollo Solar Roof shingles use lightweight, roof-integrated modules so a photovoltaic array becomes a subtle part of your roof. Have you been to the product demonstration to become an installer? If so, please post your thoughts.

With this installation there is no need for a racking system to attach the panels to your roof.

Apollo actually becomes part of your roof, replacing an area of traditional asphalt shingles.


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