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Production control through an ISO quality and environmental management process guarantees consistent high. The design of the visible acoustic fleece provides a striking, smooth and elegant surface. The white acoustic fleece creates a smooth surface and an elegant design that fits perfectly into the interior design. AMF Thermatex Thermofon provides high sound absorption.

The light weight and perforations of the core board has created a Class A sound absorber.

New generation bio-soluble mineral wool, clay and starch contributes to . THERMATEX Thermofon distributed by Potter Interior Systems, provides high sound absorption. AMF THERMATEX is a range of innovative, high performance, acoustic tiles for grid ceilings. In rooms with permanently high humidity, such as swimming pools, sanitary facilities or large kitchens, special demands are placed on the ceiling in terms of humidity resistance. Due to its special composition, Thermatex Aquatec resists humidity up to 1 RH.

This means that it is dimensionally stable when exposed to . AMF jest dostawcą kompletnych rozwiązań sufitowych do wszelkiego rodzaju budynków, w których bezpieczeństwo i efektywność optymalizuje się poprzez zastosowanie nowoczesnych sufitów podwieszanych. W tym celu oferta produktowa została podzielona na specjalne dziedziny: ochrona przeciwpożarowa, ochrona .

The combination of bio-soluble mineral wool with clay and starch provides excellent physical characteristics. Thermatex Alpha One is a wet-felt mineral tile which provides high sound absorption values. Outras opções de modulação, cor e espessura sob encomenda. Sistema C Estrutura aparente.

THERMATEX Alpha is a new ceiling tile providing high sound absorption. ThE souND AbsoRbING cEIlING TIlE foR 1 Rh ion are any ral. RH sound absorbing washable clean room class according to. More scope for innovation. AMF Baffles – acoustic optimizing design elements for the highest requirements AMF Baffles are a creative solution giving a room effective acoustics, even when the available ceiling and wall surfaces are insufficient for optimal sound absorption.

Especially in modern architecture, the use of glass and concrete mean limited . Download the catalogue and request prices of Thermatex alpha one By knauf amf , sound absorbing ceiling tiles. Wyszukiwanie zaawansowane. DeklaracjazgodnosciAMFTHERMATEXAntaris_C. Knauf AMF Performance Ceilings have fast become the ceiling material of choice for new modern hospitals, healthcare facilities and refurbishments.

Our expertise in delivering high quality, sustainably manufacture health conscious acoustic ceiling systems allows us to provide a solution for all healthcare situations. ISO a managmentu řízení životního prostředí zaručuje .

The perforationsprovide excellent sound absorption while the fleece offers a smooth, elegantsurface finish. AMF ENVIRONMENT PRODUCT DECLARATION.


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